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Graduate Programs
Graduate SchoolGraduate School homepage
Duksung University Graduate School was instituted in 1979 with a view to carrying the academic studies and to cultivating the highly qualified specialist in several academic areas. The male students are allowed for the admission to both the master¡¯s and doctorate programs to heighten the competence as a special educational institute cultivating the specialists in the various kinds of academic fields. Furthermore, with the intention to the cultivation of the core human resources for R&D activities who have both knowledge and the capability to apply it practically, the master¡¯s and doctorate programs for university-research institute collaborative researches are established and in operation in conjunction with Korea Food & Drug Administration and Korea Food Research Institute.

Our Graduate School was selected as an excellent university in the area of a graduate school in the general university evaluation conducted by Korean Council for University Education. Besides this higher quality of educational service, our campus is one of the most beautiful campuses in Seoul due to its nature-friendly environments, lying under the folds of Bukhan-san (mountain), and at the same time providing the modernistic educational environment where the students satisfy their desires to learn effectively and comfortably.
1. Master's Degree Program
- Korean Language and Literature
- English Language and Literature
- French Language and Literature
- Business Management
- Psychology
- Social Welfare
- Early Childhood Education
- Cultural Properties
- Mathematics and Statistics
- Computer Science and Information Technology
- Chemistry
- Food and Nutrition
- Pharmacy
- Fine Arts
- Design
- Digital Media Art & Education
2. Doctorate Degree Program
- Early Childhood Education
- Psychology
- Food and Nutrition
- Pharmacy
3. Academic and Research Cooperative Programs
- Food and Drug Administration
- Korea Food Development Research Institute
4. Interdisciplinary Programs
- Health Functional Biomaterials
Graduate School of EducationGraduate School of Education homepage
Graduate School of Education was established in February 1997 as the first teachers' re-training organization in Korea to practice liberal education. In tune with the demand for educational reform, Graduate School of Education aims to develop professionals equipped with both theoretical and practical competency so that they can improve · change sites of education and lead advancement in the fields of education. For this, people engaged in the fields of education including teachers are initiatively developing and operating a variety of fresh and unique educational courses to combine new educational theories to the actual sites of education. As an evening program for both male and female students,

Graduate School of Education is located in the heart of downtown area for convenience of travel against the backdrop of an ancient and historical palace (Unhyun Palace). Holding an independent building of this own, students can benefit from convenient facilities and environments of the Graduate School of Education. The auxiliary facility of Liberal Education Research Center is actively carrying out studies on liberal education by developing training materials for secondary school and organizing training sessions for secondary school teachers, seminars and open lectures for liberal education, etc. The auxiliary facility of Liberal Education Data Center contains data on liberal education for public use in the effort to promote liberal education.
1. Master's Degree Program
- Early Childhood Education Department - Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education, Elementary General Education, Elementary English Education, Secondary Korean Education, Secondary Social Science Education, Secondary English Education, Psychological Consulting, Educational Administration, Nourishment Education, Lifelong Education
2. Professional Consultant Teacher Education Program
3. Research Program
The Graduate School of Culture & IndustriesThe Graduate School of Culture & Industries homepage
The objective of The Graduate School of Culture and Industries is to develop experts who have creative abilities for culture development and knowledge-based industry by studying up-to-date theories and application skills about creative culture as well as providing continuous opportunity based on the field-oriented academic theory.
Record Management, Clinical Pharmacology, Fashion¤ıTextile Marketing, Fashion¤ıTextile Product Design
Duksung Women's