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Undergraduate Programs
College of Humanities
Art HistoryArt History homepage
The Art History major is designed to provide students with a solid background in the history of Asian and Western art. The courses are intended to increase understanding of the meaning and purpose of arts, their historical development, and their role in a society. With a Bachelor of Arts in Art History, graduates will be able to find employment in galleries, museums, publishing, as a curator, director, reporter, etc..
Chinese Language and LiteratureChinese Language and Literature homepage
The goal of Chinese Language and Literature major is to acquire fluent Chinese conversation and listening skills, expression and translation skills, and an accurate understanding of the Chinese culture through understanding of Chinese literature.
English Language and LiteratureEnglish Language and Literature homepage
The goal of English Language and Literature major is to aid its students in acquiring a good command of English, to analyze and discuss English texts, and to explore English and American societies and cultures.
By acquiring good language skills and analytical abilities, students can gain a better understanding of English literature and culture, which in turn helps them encompass several different world views
French Language and LiteratureFrench Language and Literature homepage
The first priority of French Literature and Language focuses on fluent speaking and reading. The second priority is on acquisition of culture, comprehension of the art, originality and adaptation to become a leader of the 'Cultural Industry.' The third priority is on comprehension in society and logical and synthetic ability of thinking, which leads to a deep and wide originality and application to human beings. The fourth focus is on ability of business practice
German Language and LiteratureGerman Language and Literature homepage
The German Literature and Language major cultivates German communication skills, the ability to understand and analyze German literature, and an in-depth understanding of Germany and the German culture; cultivation of the ability to communicate in German; cultivation of the ability to understand and analyze literary works, rational thinking, and criticizing ability; and cultivation of an in-depth understanding of German culture.
HistoryHistory homepage
Students are required to accurately understand and analyze historical events and to establish sound values.
We also cultivate students' abilities to synthetically speculate and judge so that they will be able to establish a national identity while being world citizens. The History major is composed of Korean, Asian, and Western history.
Japanese Language and LiteratureJapanese Language and Literature homepage
The goal of the Japanese Literature and Language major is to increase Japanese language skills and to cultivate the ability to appreciate and analyze Japanese literature. It is also our purpose to promote the understanding of Japanese culture and the Japanese people.
Korean Language and Literature
Students are required to study the scientific theories and the practical skills of the language and letters of Korea, as well as analyzing texts in classic and modern Korean literature. Furthermore, by creatively researching Korean Language and Literature, the students are taught to take on leadership roles as women and to develop the culture of the country.
PhilosophyPhilosophy homepage
Based on the mission statement of Duksung Women's University, we provide students with various philosophical points of view about the environment, society, and the mankind so that the students can analyze the reality that each individual as well as nation is faced with through critical thinking
Spanish Language and Literature
The Spanish Language and Literature major prepares students to communicate in Spanish as well as to acquire an understanding of the Hispanic world. After learning basic language skills, students continue on to higher-level skills involving textual analysis and commercial applications. By their fourth year, students will have a deep understanding of the Spanish-speaking world and the skills necessary for either entering the work force or continuing on to an institution of higher learning..
College of Social Sciences
Accounting is the information system that measures business activities, processes that information into reports, and communicates the results to the decision makers. The educational purposes of accounting major are to develop analytic skills of current economic situation and accounting phenomenon, problem solving skills with regard to business and economy in general, reasonable decision- making skills of issues involved in economy, and critical thinking of society and economy.
Business Administration
Business administration has become one of the most important subjects that people from all walks of life must have some knowledge of in order to succeed in these competitive and challenging times. The concept of business administration is now widely prevalent in our daily lives. The courses are designed to present business education so that students may understand the functions of the business firm as a whole and the purpose of functional areas of business in particular.
Cultural Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology is unique in its cross-cultural, holistic approach to understanding human society.
The comparative and holistic viewpoints of anthropology provide a broad context in which the cultural, historical, and environmental forces that shape today's world can be comprehended. Anthropology is also unique in that it approaches human phenomena first from the actor's point of view, which is gained through long-term participant observation and in-depth interviews.
Early Childhood Education
The programs are designed for students who plan to become preschool and kindergarten teachers and specialists. This program offers coursework in the theories and practices necessary for teaching preschool and kindergarten children.
International Trade
With the expansion of the Korean economy, the increasing role of women in the economic environment and the globalization of business require a greater understanding of both the domestic and world economies.
Students are required to research economic theories, analyze domestic and foreign economies, and examine changes in domestic and international policy and trade
Human Development and Family Studies
The goals of Human Development and Family Studies are to teach the method and theory on children and family while cultivating the student's ability to put their professional knowledge to practical use. We aim to foster specialists who can work in professional organizations and genuinely contribute to the improvement of children and family welfare.
The Department of Law pursues to cultivate a select group of students who will become our nation's distinguished persons of superior ability through an intensive educational program which maximizes each individual student's potential.
1. Through a wide range of liberal arts education, the Department of Law encourages students to develop a profound understanding of human nature and to establish a moral sense of values.
2. The Department of Law cultivates students, who will become able law practitioners needed by Korea in the 21st century, by educating them through a diverse and thorough law curriculum and by enabling students to enhance their English proficiency and computer skills.
Library and Information Science
The Library and Information Science program provides professional education for a wide variety of service careers in libraries, information agencies and other related organizations. The program is designed to meet the challenges of new information environment and produce highly-educated information specialists.
This major offers essential knowledge about the production, selection, organization, processing, management, dissemination, and use of information.
Political Science and international Studies
Political Science is an authoritative field of study that provides enormous in-depth knowledge regarding human behaviors and organizations in general, not to mention that most of the famous philosophers, ancient and contemporary, preached about politics in one way or another. Any student exposed to the study of political science will be able to understand how and why human societies and the world function in a certain way, and how one should act in a certain environment.
The goal of Psychology is to educate students to become specialists who can contribute to the improvement of the quality of human life. To achieve this goal, students study various psychological research methods and carry out research on the biological, emotional, and social aspects of human beings and their relationships.
Social Welfare
The Social Welfare major aims to educate students to become qualified social workers who are able to work in various social work settings. It provides students with knowledge, skills, professional techniques, and values required to directly deal with human and social problems through classroom instructions and field placements. Graduates can expect to find a job opening in traditional settings such as social work agencies, governmental offices, hospitals, and residential facilities.
The goals of the study of Sociology are to discipline the student in a critical and systematic understanding of social phenomena, to acquire the capacity to accept multicultural values, and to develop the ability to predict and prepare for the future society. A graduate can work at an organization of knowledge production and circulation, such as in media, a social research institution, or a social movement organization.
College of Natural Sciences
Chemistry major prepares female scientists to have the ability of practical application, helping them cope with all demands, the ability of reasonable decision-making and systematic ways of thinking that are essential for graduates to utilize basic principles, concepts and systematic experiments of chemistry, a foundation for natural science.
Foods and Nutrition
The Foods and Nutrition major focuses on topics with special strengths in human and biochemical nutrition; nutrition and health; nutrition, fitness and health; dietetics; food safety, and food chemistry. The major offers curricula and professional development for students pursuing careers as nutritionists, dietitians, food scientists, and foodservice managers. Positions occur in educational institutions, hospitals, nutrition and food research laboratories, foodservice establishments, government agencies, and etc
The Mathematics is designed to inspire students to think creatively and analytically so that intellectual curiosity can be grounded in each student's career development path. The foundations of immediately applicable Mathematics such as Calculus, Linear Algebra and certain Applied Mathematical disciplines will be developed throughout the coursework. Mathematics major may choose an area of concentration from among Actuarial Science, Computer Science, and Pure/Applied Mathematics.
Sports for All Studies
Nowadays, the sports related to the public health matters are urgently required to expedite the mental, physical and social health of the public and further theses sports should be carried in one's ordinary life for his whole life span. The department's educational object is to cultivate sports-for-all instructors to fulfill the requirement of the times. Sports for all studies are consisting of liberal arts, subjects of major theories, subjects of physical training.
Information StatisticsInformation Statistics homepage
The Statistics major is dedicated to the creation and critical study of methods for collecting and analyzing quantitative information, and to the dissemination of knowledge about these methods through teaching and scholarly activity. The study of Statistics is both a science and a technique, and is especially important in interdisciplinary fields such as Psychological Statistics, Medical Statistics, Chemistry Statistics, Industrial Statistics, Environmental Statistics, and Geographical Statistics.
First offered for the academic year 2009, the programs in Pre-Pharmacy¤ıMedicine are not in the area of health and medical but in the field of science. It is designed to be advantageous for those who wish to advance to postgraduate programs in medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy. Students may choose to enroll in the pharmacy program at DukSung after two years of completion or apply other graduate school program in medicine or dentistry upon graduation. Those who enroll in the Pre-Pharm¤ıMed program may also elect to have double major or minor in other programs during their study. It is also possible to participate in intensive courses to receive additional credit. After four years, graduates are eligible to receive a degree in science(majored in Pre-Pharm¤ıMed).
College of Information and Media
Computer Science
Our goal is to foster talented persons who are essential to the nation's information industry. Therefore, we cultivate knowledge about the programming method, technique, and theories of hardware, such as processor, memory, I/O devices, etc., which constitute the computer system and software, such as OS, programming language, etc.
Digital Media
The rigorous standards and on-going development of curricula in order to meet the advancement of recent Internet technology at Duksung will provides various career opportunities in industries as well as academia.
We provide information about the wired/wireless Internet, computer network, multimedia, and media processing language, cultivate the ability to acquire and process information, and foster the talent in people who make practical use of the Internet.
College of Pharmacy
PharmacyPharmacy homepage
The mission of the Pharmacy program is to cultivate competent, compassionate pharmacists who provide pharmaceutical care based upon scientific knowledge, well-developed clinical skills, critical thinking capabilities, active learning, moral reasoning, communication skills, and who have a desire for lifelong improvement. We also educate students to possess the capability to perform research for understanding the fundamental basis of the human body and its response to drugs, a requirement for new drug development.
College of Art and Design
Fashion DesignFashion Design homepage
The educational goal of the Fashion Design major is to develop an imaginative mind, creative, comprehensive thoughts and visualizing ability. An education in Fashion Design prepares students to be fashion specialists who are prospective with an ability to observe and express objects, and make reasonable decisions.
Textile DesignTextile Design homepage
Fiber and Fabric Art major trains students to be fiber artists who will lead the field of modern fiber and fabric art with varied and unique artistic sense. It also aims to cultivate professionals for the development of distinguished fiber materials into which both scientific technology and pure art are combined. The focus is on expressive skills that meet the needs of industrial society on fiber design by understanding the nature of modern fiber art with extensive and various ways, based on aesthetic and formative aspects of pure art.
Graphic DesignGraphic Design homepage
The latest mediums are changing the role of graphic designers to contribute to the basis of industrial production. Therefore, it is essential for the students to acquire the ability to plan, actualize, mediate, and change the information need for the production and delivery of products, to acquire the techniques necessary to produce products, to establish insight, and to develop motives.
Interior DesignInterior Design homepage
The Interior Design major explores the relationship between human beings and space with the integral elements of the constructed environment: planning, forming, and furnishing. Emphasis is on the student's development of creativity as well as problem-solving techniques based on the analysis of contemporary culture.
Oriental PaintingOriental Painting Design homepage
The goal of the Oriental Painting major is to cultivate understanding of the spirit of Oriental Painting, cultivate the ability to thoroughly analyze the traditional techniques of expression, and to systematically provide the basic processes of Oriental painting. Through this, we aim to cultivate the ability to produce works that express modern senses and insight.
Western PaintingWestern Painting Design homepage
Max Beckmann, who is the maestro of German expressionism and an educator of art, once described the education of art, 'we cannot teach art itself, but we can direct students to the path of art.' In modern art, the path of artists does not necessarily require a complete acquirement of art techniques. Instead, the path of modern arts is in unique, creative experience, and in the training process of the ability to judge art visually and objectively. Moreover, the 'path' could be a general curriculum that educates artistic senses and the power to express oneself in a unique and creative method.
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