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Exchange Professor
Who's qualified?
A professor who is serving in the foreign sister college of Duksung and who is able to teach in English, Chinese, Japanese and other languages are entitled to apply. The subjects of liberal arts and the major subjects are possible to be opened. Applicants can apply all times of the year. Duksung Women's University offers the financial support of teaching fee, living cost and the others, and also provides a residence for the exclusive use of the foreign professors. For the further inquiry, please contact Office of International Exchange Programs (
Period of Teaching
Regular Semester
The 1st semester : Mar. - mid-June (16 weeks)
The 2nd semester : Sep. - mid-Dec (16 weeks)
Seasonal Semester
Summer semester : mid-June - mid-July (4 weeks)
Winter semester : mid-Dec. - Mid-Jan of the next year (4 weeks)
Required Dociments to Submit
- Exchange Professor Application Form (download)
- Curriculum Vitae
- Certificate of Employment (of the current college)
- Brief Course Syllabus
- Copy of Passport (the side with one¡¯s picture)
- Copy of Certificate of Doctoral Degree *this is to submit only when finally selected
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