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Exchange Student
Who can apply?
A student who is currently enrolled at any college or graduate school in the overseas sister universities of Duksung and capable of getting an education in English or Korean, and at the same time who gets a permit as an exchange student from home institution are entitled to the application for exchange student. For the further inquiry, please contact Office of International Exchange Programs (
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1) Tuition Fees
Unless otherwise agreed, generally it is waived in accordance with the agreement
*Please contact home institution in this regard
2) Housing
On-campus dormitory available. The fee can be waived in accordance with the agreement, or the student should bear the expense.
*Please contact home institution in this regard.
3) Other expenses as meals, living cost, insurance, activity fees and so on will be at student's own cost.
Required Dociments for Application
- Application form (download)
- One original copy of ¡®Academic Transcript¡¯ - in English
- One original copy of ¡®Certificate of Enrollment¡¯ - in English
- ¡®Letter of Recommendation¡¯ from a professor in the Dept. focusing on academic performance - in English
- One page of ¡®Study Plan¡¯ essay in A4 size - in English
- A copy of the passport (the page with photograph
Application Due Dates
-for fall semester (August ~ December ,May10 -for spring semester (March ~ June), December 10
Contact: / +82-2-901-8216,8143
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