Notice for 2023 GKS Program Undergraduate Admission
  • 작성자 : DIA(국제교류과)
The Korean government invites 81 international students around the globe who wish to pursue a bachelor's degree in Korea.

Duksung Women's University welcomes students from all backgrounds to join the beautiful and dynamic campus of 100 years of history. We believe that diversity is our asset, and your difference is what makes us different.

[Embassy Track]
To study at Duksung Women's University as a GKS grantee, any applicant should successfully pass through the 1st selection process set by the Korean Embassy of his or her country of origin.  Please refer to the attached application form and guidelines, and contact your Embassy for submission details.

While completing the attached application, make sure to put DWU as your first-choice university in order to be considered for admission.

Duksung Women's University
100 Years of History to a New 100 Years of Possibilities


. Overview of the University

1. History

1920 Establishment of Geunhwa School by Ms. Cha Mirisa

1952 Restructured into a 4 year university

1961 Establishment of Duksung Graduate School

2009 Founding of Duksung Global Partnership Program to foster intellectuals in developing countries

2012, 2014 Hosting Duksung-UN Women World Congress of Global Partnership

2016, 2018 ~ 2020 Obtained the ‘International Education Quality Assurance’ by the Ministry of Education

2018 ~ 2022 Selected as the Korean Language Institute for ‘Global Korea Scholarship(GKS) Program’ by MoE

2019 ~ 2021 Selected for ‘University Innovation Support Program’ by the MoE

2019 ~ 2021 Selected as an Authorized TOPIK Test Center

2020 Celebration of 100th anniversary

2020 Selected for ‘Campus Town Project’ by Seoul City

2020 Selected for ‘Leading University Project for International Cooperation’ by the MoE

2020 ~ 2024 Selected as Model University for ‘University Career Development Center’ by the Ministry of Employment and Labor

2021 Selected as Top Tier University for ‘International Education Quality Assurance’ by the Ministry of Education

2. Key Information

About the University

Celebrating its 103th anniversary in 2023, Duksung Women’s University inherits its independent and creative founding spirit from its founder Ms. Cha Mirisa who was an educator and activist for women’s rights. With 100 years of history and tradition in fostering creative intellectuals, DWU prepares to leap to a new hundred years of possibilities with an innovative and collaborative approach to education. Consisted of two beautiful campuses in Seoul, DWU will give you an enriched academic, social, and cultural experience preparing to strive into the ever changing global world.


Self-directed Major Destining System

All students will be enrolled in ChaMirisa College of Liberal Arts for their freshmen year to explore the academic fields of their interest before they select their major at the end of their first year. All international students are assigned to the academic major of their choice. Additional to their major, students can design their educational programs to enhance their academic degree such as Nano Degree Program that studies a specific fields in depth within their academic field, Micro Degree Program that combines courses from two or more academic fields to create their own major, and the second major system.


Korean & Asian Studies Program

To provide a global perspective and promote cultural understanding about Korea and the far east, DWU offers a Korean & Asian Studies Program. Through related courses, students will be able to explore various aspects of Korean & Asian culture and will be able to have a deeper under standing about East Asia overall.

. Academics

1. Academic Programs





College of Global Convergence

Languages and Literature

Korean Language and Literature

Languages and Literature

Japanese Language and Literature

Languages and Literature

Chinese Language and Literature

Languages and Literature

English Language and Literature

Languages and Literature

French Language and Literature

Languages and Literature

German Language and Literature

Languages and Literature

Spanish Language and Literature

Humanities and Cultural Studies


Humanities and Cultural Studies


Humanities and Cultural Studies

History of Arts

Humanities and Cultural Studies

Cultural Anthropology

Business and Economics

Business Administration

Business and Economics


Business and Economics

International Trade

Social Sciences


Social Sciences


Social Sciences

Social Sciences

Social Sciences


Social Sciences

Human Development and Family Studies

Social Sciences

Social Welfare

Social Sciences

Political Science and International Studies

Social Sciences

Fashion Design

College of Science and Technology

Information Technology and

Bio Engineering

Digital Software Engineering

Information Technology and

Bio Engineering


Natural Science


Natural Science


Natural Science

Sports for All

Natural Science


Natural Science

Food and Nutrition

College of Art & Design

Art & Design

Korean Painting

Art & Design


Art & Design

Interior Design

Art & Design

Visual Communication Design

Art & Design

Textile Design

Digital Software Engineering will be devided to specific tracks after a year of integrated education such as Computer Engineering, Information Technology and Media Engineering, Cyber Security, and Software, ect.

2. Application[Embassy Track]

Application Period: Please refer to the Korean Embassy/Consulate of your country for application deadlines and procedures.

Qualification: Female students with a non-Korean nationality and both parents also holding a non-Korean nationality

3. Important Notes

All documents must obtain Apostille or consular confirmation.

Applicants must show Korean proficiency upon entrance. (English scores are not accepted.)

All international students must submit a TOPIK level 4 or above to be eligible for graduation.

4. Further Notice

Global Tutoring

Global Tutoring is a special tutoring program only provided to international students to assist with their academic adjustment and performance in specific courses and majors.


Mentoring from upperclassmen of the same nationality is provided to new freshmen students to enhance campus life and studying in Korea.

Duksung International Buddies

Duksung International Buddies is an 1:1 buddy program that will help with your campus life and adjustment to Korea.

Academic Korean

A variety of Korean language courses are provided as general electives. These courses will focus on Academic Korean from writing to discussion to prepare international students to follow university courses.

Global Lounge

Global Lounge is opened every week to all students providing opportunities meet students from variety of nations and share cultures by discussions, games, food, and a lots of fun.

Monthly Cultural Events

Monthly cultural events are held by DIA(Duksung International Affairs) that will provide an opportunity to harmonize with Korean friends as well as learn about the culture in-depth.

Student Clubs

DWU supports the activities of approximately 37 Student Clubs in a variety of areas from academics, performance, dance, music, social works, religion, to sports.




Fees for 2022 Academic Year

International Student Dormitory





International Hall


KRW 249,000/month(30 days)


KRW 336,000/month(30 days)


KRW 465,000/month(30 days)



The Main Library houses 750,000 books and 370,000 nonbook materials, providing a innovative and creative studying environment as reading room, seminar room and media room.

Raon Fitness Center

Equipped with a variety of work-out and training machines and programs from cardiovascular to strength training, the Raon Fitness assists in improving the physical wellness of Duksung students.

Play N Create Lab

Play N Create Lab provides equipments, facilities, and educational programs to support creative activities of students. The Makers Lab is equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters, sewing machines, and 3D pens for producing 3 dimensional works, while the Media Lab provides studios, creator’s rooms, and editing rooms for producing visual contents, and the VR Lab for VR equipments.

Global Education Institute

GEI conducts Intensive Korean language courses as well as special courses to enhance the Korean language ability for international students. GEI is also designated as the official TOPIK testing center.

Student Union

The Student Cafeteria, Student Service Center, Health Care Center, convenience store, post office, stationery store, book store and optical store are located in Student Union Building for the convenience of students.

5. Contact

Duksung International Affairs




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